What's the thickest piece of wood the 1600mw laser could cut through?

I’ve just received my upgraded laser module and haven’t yet used it but was wondering what the thickest piece of wood it could cut through is?

If I do it in stages, presumably it can cut through anything that can physically fit on there?


It depends on how fast you move and how smoked your edges can be.
example for Plywood, 1.6 mm thick:

  • one stage @ 110 mm/min --> Black edges and sides, more material taken away (larger gap)
  • four stages @ 440 mm/min --> only brown sides and edges (tiny gap)

Next thing to take into consideration is your focal length.
Mine is at roughly 29 mm but the distance to the lense holder (black thing) from the focal point is only about 4 mm.
So the answer is: you can go 4mm + cutting depth deep
So at 50 mm/min you could assume that you can cut 2.5 mm deep + 4 mm = 6.5 mm
I’d suggest cutting multiple stages down to the bottom, then go slow and do two or three passes.
You’ll have burned edges but i think you can go for 7.5 mm

Lowering your speed to 1 mm/min won’t achieve much more, since the material will get out of focus.

The only solution to cut better and deeper is more power!


Here is the Laser/CNC Material guide:

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