Cut wood with Laser

To what extent can i tweak the Laser Module(1600mW) to Cut atleast 4mm Thickness of Wood, even by a couple of Multipass?

Add air assist would help alot

“Wood” isn’t specific enough. You’re going to get different results depending on whether it’s plywood or solid wood, and additionally what species of tree and (for plywood) what kind of glue. I know some people have gotten through 3mm of solid wood, but it took multiple passes and wasn’t fast.

One method might be to cut through 2mm, flip the wood over, and cut the remaining 2mm from the back. You’d need a jig or very precise clamping to maintain alignment on that, though.

What’s been said above.

Or swap out the laser head for the cnc.

Or wait for the new laser. (but don’t hold your breath)


At least now i know the Laser Module can tore through a 2mm wood with no problems, right?

Most 2mm wood should be cuttable. You will need a lot of experimentation to find the best settings for your particular wood, and you’ll likely need 10+ passes.

A quick dig through the forum finds these threads:

So the absolute record for laser-cut wood thickness with a Snapmaker2 seems to be @brent113 and his 1/4" (6mm) plywood in 50 passes.

I’d probably try to find something in 1/16" (~1.5mm) unless I really needed the thicker stock.


Take poplar wood. Its used for matches because it burns evenly and quickly.

Example: Sperrholz (Pappel, A4, 297 x 210 x 4 mm, 5 Stk.) | BAUHAUS

The default laser module with default settings makes easy cuts of this despite being 4mm thick.

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