What's next? Once I finish a print

Sorry for what will seems like an amateur type question but what the heck I am brand new to the 3d printing world. My question, after I’ve finished printing for the day, do I just shut the machine down? Do I take down the PLA and Break away support or just leave it in over-night?

Thanks for your help!

It pulls about 80w idle without lights, PLA you can leave out other types no so much

Thank you! Do I need to purge the tips? Also, Do I pull out the Break Away and store it overnight?

Not needed for the PLA or breakaway PLA however if you want you can clear the duel-extruder and store the spools in a gallon storage bag until you are ready to use it again in the enclosure

Simply turn it off after finished print.
If you like to use your previous print you could take it from your bed.

There are filaments which are easier to take off from the heated bed if its cooled down.

If you are going to print next time i wouldnt do anything with the spools, maybe a dry space like a box is good to have for it.

You’ll get mixed opinions about what to do with PLA spools. It actually depends are where you are in the world/how humid or dry your work environment is. Here in New Zealand we can’t leave the spools out, or the filament becomes brittle after a couple of days. I use dry boxes for storage, and dry spoolers (What I use: Sunlu S1 Dryer Box)

Thank you all for your responses! It means a lot. One thing I’m struggling with is: After I’ve finished a print and I have no plans of printing anything else for a week or more, I understand I need to remove the filament and store it in a dry place. I understand I can just cut the line and bag the material. Should I be concerned with the material that is still in the hot end? How do I get that out?

Thanks again!

Extrude it when you load the new filament.

Heat up the nozzle then unload the filament via menue. I use plastic bags with a usb-pump to suck air out of the plastic bags, they are cheap.