Filament dry storage


Hi All

As a newbie I was wondering what more experienced members use to store their filament reels in.

Aside from a snap-lock bag with desiccant satchels in it. I have been looking at a Polymaker PolyBox see

I have seen more expensive powered drying cabinets that hold several reels however they are greater than my simple needs.

They even make a smoother box see for some of the filament types.

Any advice would be welcomed.



Hi @doug,

I put my spools in a waterproof storage box with a mini dehumidifier. I don’t have any fancy tubes to feed the various colours straight from the box. There are some DIY solutions out there if you want to try making your own. Hope this helps.


Hi @kelvin8r

Thanks for the response, much appreciated; good simple idea.



I personally don’t worry about it too much. I’ve had filament that sat out for over a year and I was able to print with it just fine. I usually store my filament in a Ziploc with the silica packet it comes with. You can recharge the packets by baking them in the oven. You can also recure your filament by baking it. Do some research before trying this, I haven’t had to do it myself. I guess my point is, don’t fret too much about the elements ruining your filament unless you are storing them outside…


Hi @jstncrft

I thank you for the advice, it is truly appreciated and no doubt many newbies will also appreciate the learning from experienced forum members. I have downloaded your “Filament Guide for Snapmaker” which will be my first ever 3D printing project as I setup the device environment. I look forward to learning how to use this great device.

I will also make the scrap fence and use your universal brackets as I have a couple of other ideas… I will advise later if my idea works (haha), one has to have a little ambition

Take care and have a fantastic 2018



Hi @jstncrft

My apologies, My first ever 3D printing project is making use of the @kelvin8r model. I will be printing some of your great ideas this week.

I am stoked at watching this part building… I am hooked and off and running.

Take care and have a great week.



Tupperware !:sunglasses:


Plastic buckets! Fits perfectly, costs nothing and easy to carry.