Laser eye protection question… I have SN2.0 and believe the 1600mw laser but will be getting the upgrade to 8W if i’m not mistaken… Thing is I got the enclosure for my SN but no idea how much protection i got for my $650-ish and am also curious what range of protection will be needed for the 8W laser so that i can buy my family the appropriate eye protection for up to the 8W laser… Any inpout would be much appreciated! Christian Files

Lots of discussion of this if you use the search.
Here’s a couple:

Not much known about new laser since it hasn’t officially been announced and no specifics. Until actual power and wavelength are known it’s anybody’s guess.

uuugh… was hoping to kill two birds (and save two eyes) with one stone! lol

The new laser safety goggles, which we have released at the end of 2020, have exceptional visible light transmission (rated at 50%) and yet protect to a level of OD6+ (reduce the intensity of 190-540nm laser light by a factor of 1,000,000 or more), and are CE certified.


how do we buy extra pairs of your glasses? or what are even more protective glasses rated at so i know what to buy for my kids?

How do we buy extra pairs of glasses now that i understand the enclosure isnt actually safe for my kids eyes due to filtering needs and the gaps in the panels?

You could buy it over snapmaker support or simply at your online or hardware store of your trust.

I would wait for the release of the high power laser to surely get the right eye protection because of the wavelength.