Original- Laser protection

I don’t really trust the safety goggles that come with the original. The laser still seems much too bright. I would like to buy better safety glasses. Does anyone know the wavelength of the laser or has already bought their own goggles?
If so, is the wavelength identical to that of the Snapmaker 2.0, so can I also use the protective goggles?

All the lasers offered by snapmaker are 405nm blue diodes. Snapmaker original has the 200W and 1600W. Any goggles that cover 405nm should be fine, and Snapmaker sells their new, actually rated goggles on their store (the new amber ones, not the old green ones). I use these with my 10W just fine, so either one on the original should be fine.

They’re 450nm. But almost all glasses in the 405 range also cover 450.


My bad, I was going by the specs provided by snapmaker… They list the 200mW laser on the original store page, and spec page as 405nm, and the 1600mW as 445nm, and the 10W as 450-460nm. I should have looked through all of them instead of just assuming based off the original 200mW. I will admit, I do not own the original to verify.