Using diamond drag bit for engraving acrylic

Has anyone tried using the Widget Works diamond drag engraving bit to engrave cast acrylic? The spindle speed needs to be zero. Luban will not let me enter zero for the work speed, it sets the work speed to 1 when I enter zero. I am trying to create a LED sign. I have used the V bit to on a test piece but I want to see how the diamond drag bit does. Here’s the description from their website…
“Instead of rotating and cutting like an end mill, the bit engraves with the spindle TURNED OFF. The spring-loaded, “floating head” style bit applies constant pressure on the diamond tip. As your CNC machine drags the diamond tip against your part, it creates very precise, permanently engraved lines on the part’s surface. The bit is designed to compensate for warped material and tables that are not perfectly flat. Engraving pressure is adjustable to match the hardness of the material you are working on.”

Most people just use a 3D blade holder to replace the CNC head. And just set the CNC head aside, but still connected.

Maybe manually edit your gcode by opening it with an editor and search and replace the spindle speed to:
M3 P0
Then send it to the machine an process it from the touchscreen.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have a blade holder. I will try changing the gcode first to see what happens. If that doesn’t work, then I will look into getting a blade holder.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try changing the gcode first to see what happens.

It worked. I did a dry run without using material and the spindle did not spin. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Have a good day.

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Personally I’d rather use a blade adaptor. I’m not sure it does the spindle much good dragging along with lateral forces in one position. At least when it’s spinning rotational forces are equally applied. Right tool for the right job, but that’s just me.

Personally, I wish Snapmaker would add a “toolless” mode with nothing connected. Then I can use a pen/blade/scribe (adaptor) and just follow a path and have Z up/down ability.

Great idea, did you mention it to support?
Never tried it btw…

What worked?