Upcoming 2W Infrared Laser Module


I can see this in the Ray product page…
Any updates available as when this will be released?


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I’m also looking forward to that one - I seem to remember that they shifted release date into next year. Whatever it is: I hope they take all time needed to have a mature product in the end. Better have it later and perfect rather than fast but flawed.

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What’s a IR laser get you?

IR allows engraving on many supports which you can’t do with blue laser.

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Oh nice. Definitely interested in this as well! Agree they should take the time to get it right before launch.

The main thing the IR nets you is the ability to engrave metals without any kind of marking spray or other coating.

Some transparent materials also work, I managed to engrave 12mm clear acrylic in the center.

Also combined the power of the blue diode and IR for combo-works. Did a black circle with the blue diode + TiO2, then used the IR to engrave the titanium away.

Note; these were done on my XTool D1 Pro with 2W IR laser. I assume the one from Snapmaker should have similar results.


Yeah, should be the same. There are no thousands of LED suppliers (blue or IR).
I am wondering why snapmaker is running that late compared to Xtool, supplier is the same I reckon.


That’s cool! Thanks!

We anticipate the release of the 2W Laser Module in 2024. Please note that the actual release date may vary slightly.

The 2W Laser Module will be a new addition to Snapmaker’s laser module lineup. Unlike the current laser modules (40W/20W/10W/1.6W) which emit blue light, the upcoming 2W Laser Module emits infrared light with a wavelength of 1064nm. This module is specifically designed for engraving plastic materials and various types of metals.



Do you have more visibility of the release and order dates please? 2024 is kind of vague.

Why not offer a replacement kit that fits into the 1.6 W laser housing?

Honestly I hope that they offer the 2W with Air Assist - then the old housing would not be good. Also, I assume that the 2W module is generally larger than the 1.6 W blue one, but I may be wrong here.

Very much yes. For comparison, the XTool 2W IR is massive compared to the 10W blue.

The IR is a lot less efficient than the blue, thus it generates a LOT more waste heat and needs a much bigger heatsink. Infact, it’s heavy enough, that the firmware of the XTool actually changes the acceleration of the Y axis and top speed of both axis down significantly, just because the mass it’s lugging around.

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Can you only engrave, or can you also cut transparent acrylic glass? If so, will this be working with SM 2.0 as well?

This FAQ (by a different vendor) seems helpful: https://xtool.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/8887535468055-FAQ-on-xTool-1064nm-Infrared-Laser-Module-

EDIT: GAAA! They write Bullshit there:

3. No light shield is provided on the laser module. Will it hurt my eyes when it is working?

The laser beams emitted by the 1064nm infrared laser module are infrared light, which is invisible and therefore will not hurt your eyes.

Note: You can wear goggles to protect your eyes from damage.

This is utter nonsense! Of course you can damage your eyes with invisible light! So take everything said there with a grain of salt…

EDIT EDIT: I think their statements in that FAQ on transparent acrylic are BS also… Perhaps look somewhere else…


:upside_down_face: Finally got around to more tests with my 2W laser. This is on 4x4 jade glazed tile. 1500mm/min (so slow for the IR, holy cow. I can do metal at 6000 mm/min)

Something something fair use, don’t sue me disney, but original image;

Under cool white LEDs;

Under warmer white LEDS (note the shimmer in the hat, it’s that reflective);

I have no idea where the crackle came from, but I appreciate it being there.


Well, here we are nearing the end of February 2024… I don’t find any news, updates, estimates - or offers for loyal early adopters… Can we have an update on IR module availability?

XT has had theirs out for a while already, and I don’t want to regret being on the Snapmaker platform… PS: currently on 40W Snapmaker RAY

Will the 2W laser be able to cut acrylic or just engrave it?

I’ve used an IR laser in the past and from what I remember it requires this huge glass thingambob. I struggle to see how that would fit in a snapmaker toolhead, but who knows.

You are talking about a co2 laser.
The upcoming Infrared laser is also semiconductive like the blue laser.

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No news…