"Unable to start the job" error during CNC operation

While doing some basic CNC operations, running boundary, clicking play to run job, I have seen this error twice and no clue how to troubleshoot. Contrary to appearances, it’s not fatal. My CNC job is running right now behind the error message, and before that the boundary run completed successfully. Clicking “X” dismisses the error and I can go on my way. Just seems like some bad error control at the very least.

x-post to github issue https://github.com/Snapmaker/Luban/issues/578

I’d recommend that you lodge it as an issue here: https://github.com/Snapmaker/Luban

Include detailed information, OS, versions, firmware version etc.

If it happens for a specific job, include that too.

(Essentially you’re trying to provide enough information for someone to recreate the issue.)

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Yup, I get it (work in the software industry) and have gone to the luban repo before for other stuff. Have you had luck getting issues acknowledged on github?

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Yes. Also it gives developers the opportunity to see if they can fix the bug and offer a patch.

Ultimately GitHub was why I went to SM.

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