Turn on air purifier at programm end

I want to turn on the air purifier after the 3D print is finished.

I added the Mfunctions at the end of my gcode (before homing): M1011 F3 S1

But it does nothing. Even if i type the Mfunctions in the console it does nothing.
Has the Artisan other Mfunctions for the air purifier?


Updating the gcode reference been asked for months, add your voice:



got the gcode reference from snapmaker support: M2000 W42 P1
P1, P2, P3 is for the power selection.

tried via luban console, but the air purifier does not turn on.

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The console in Luban might be still broken. Do other commands go through?

i can see how the power selection switches in luban, but does not turn on.

Got further answer from Snapmaker support team:

“I asked a software development colleague at Artisan about this issue, and he told me: Whether it is in Luban or on the screen, when using Artisan to start printing, in the workflow we set, when the machine starts printing and ends printing, The purifier function is automatically turned on and off, so command control cannot be used in luban. You can click “Control-Air Purifier-Turn on Air Purifier” on the screen.”

from the reply from support, i conclude that the air purifier cannot currently be controlled via a gcode. I have now requested this as a future function.

Got news from Snapmaker support.
They told me: “Add M2000 W40 P3 after gcode M2000 W42 P1”

I have just tried it and it works.

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