Tree of Life v2 from Stacey Vetzal

See what #snapmaker-20 #CNC carving can make. Our star user, @svetzal , has made a lot of impressive CNC works.

She is new to our forum and I want to share her photos here.

She writes in this post, ""Tree of Life v2, 3 tool passes (3.125mm flat-end mill with Adaptive Clearing, 1.0mm flat-end mill with Adaptive Clearing, 1.0mm flat-end mill with Morphed Spiral). Total carve time, 46h. I have these tool paths saved now so I can reproduce this whenever. My 0.25mm ball-end tapered bits arrived today, so my next experiment is to see how a 2-pass process works, it will cut down on the time but the vertical walls won’t be 90º, they’ll be 84.8º I think (it’s a 5.2º angle on the tapered bit).

I broke all my 0.8mm bits, so I had to go up to the 1.0mm for the fine pass. This lost me some details like in the outer ring (the weaves aren’t fully cut away from the rings).

I love doing things with imperfect wood, it adds character to the works.

If folks are interested in my tool path settings, let me know, I’m happy to post them. It’s a lot of screen captures 🙂

While I won’t often have the patience for 46h jobs on this thing much of the time, I don’t mind it at all when it’s a special piece. I’ll post my next experiment when it’s done!""


This is very nice I hope you post some more