Touchscreen: Z Offset finer control

Hi Snapmakers,
on the touchscreen the smallest value to control Z Offset is 0.05 mm - this is barely OK in my eyes. Sometimes I’d like to have finer control - would 0.025 or even 0.01 mm be a valid option?
Both for on the fly control and for bed levelling btw.
Take care!

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Yep. Agree here. I’m used to 0.01mm with other printers. In general, there’s clearly still work to be done on the bed leveling control system. Depending on how flat you printer sheet is, 0.05mm might not be enough control. My first printer sheet for my A350 had more than 0.05mm of variation which resulted in either printing in the air or gouging the sheet. Replacement sheet is much better (thank you Snapmaker), but there is still variation. If we could get the bed leveling system fixed up & get some finer controls, it would be very helpful in getting that great first layer.

I’ve today done my first larger print, and my bed is a bit bumpy (like most), but not too bad. BUT with z-offset 0 it was just that bit too high in some places to have the print stick, while with z-offset -0.05 mm it was just that bit too low in some places that I got squished filament with its bad side effects.

So I’d like to push my point that a finer Z-offset control is really needed! With -0.025 offset my print most likely would have been without issues…

This thread is over 2 years old and nothing has changed. May we please get a smaller z-offset increment???

Even a .02mm increment option would be welcome.
At 0.0 it strings, but up .05 it doesn’t adhere.

A creality cr6-se at 1/5 the cost has .01mm increments and it makes a world of difference.

Please give us a smaller increment option!!!

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Use Cura and apply whatever Z-offset you need. You need the Z-offset plugin from fieldOfView.

Hi @jabian - as far as I understand this is a one-time-GCode-addition, right? What I - and I suppose @Pointjockey - was looking for is the on-the-fly correction: Sometimes you just need something inbetween while tweaking things…

Yes, it is, but 99.9 % of situations I do not need more.

  • I level the bed only once every few weeks if I change nozzle or make a big temp change (p.e from 50 ºC to 90 ºC. I follow the automatic Snapmaker procedure and I use the card to adjust z-offset in the last step.
  • When printing, if the z-offset is not adequate, I can see it in the first few lines of the print (sometimes I check in situ the degree of filament adhesion using the spatula or other tool at hand). In this is the case I stop the print, modify the z-offset in Cura, take out the residual filament from the bed, and I start again. This takes no more than 5 min and rarely requires more than 1 or 2 iterations. If the setup is fine, I can work for many days without any adjusment, until I change any of the things listed above. In Cura I usually modify z-offset by 0.03-0.05 mm but the effect of a 0.02 mm can be already noticeable.

Once you interiorize the procedure it becomes automatic and convenient and you do not feel something is lacking in your toolbox.

In any case, I support your original demand in this thread. In fact, I asked for it time ago, although nobody supported it or commented on the subject (please, realize the bitterness of the wounded ego).