Bugger the touch screen i recon a game controler would be much more reliable

I have had enough that’s for sure. not happy Jan. all I see is people complaining about the bloody thing and in many and varied ways. I’ve just stopped using my machine. Its gone out to the shed and i don’t think I will be retrieving it any time soon. I have researched and read threads for nearly a year now. and nothing will stop that l retched little thing from playing up in new and annoying ways. Most of which have caused bad things to happen to the machine. It’s made me a grumpy old man way to early.

My thought is to throw the idea out there to one of you smarter more patient gents to get a game controller or something rigged up so one can just set it up and enjoy the experience of only rarely crashing my machine or losing all functionality. It’s my first post and i feel like it might be my last as I have not read the community guidelines and am expecting to get in trouble for my bagging out the snappy. There are many other things I’ve grown accustomed to having frustrating fails with but all in all its been teaching me patience and wifey tells me I’m less angry, the trade off is I’m getting very good at passive aggressive behavior. Nice ranting to you all I hope to have given some of you a smile. Don’t bother telling me about how its fixed now I can’t look at the bloody thing anymore. I played silly games and I won silly prizes… Cheers all.

I have done this in the past, video and code can be found here: A350 control with gamepad - #11 by Mayco.

wow i feel strangely calm and quite weird. I think its happiness.