Toolhead cable and tubes bumping to the cover of the enclosure

After finishing the print, the toolhead moves to the home position. Doing that it bumps with the cable and the two filament tubes at the cover of the enclosure and moves the center a bit up and down.

Would this become a problem over time or can i leave it as it is?

Can’t imagine (no Artisan user here) but simply upload a little video or photo to get clear what you mean.

It does the same on my Artisan. I don’t think it’s an issue. However, there are some STLs available for a support for the center of the top enclosure panel. Here’s one:

Not a video, but a picture i have taken recently from the device.
The area where the circle is touches the roof part of the enclosure while moving up to the upper most position. Cable and tubes bend a bit and push the roof by 2-3 mm.

Not really a problem now, but i am wondering if it might become a problem over time

Thanks for the link not sure how that should be attached. Unfortunately the youtube video does not work for me. But i will check it later

The pillars rest on top of the Z-axis rails. They could be secured in place with double sided tape.

Thanks, will give it a try if necessary