Thor Ragnarok Helmet-Halloween costume

This project was a print for my 13 year old daughter’s Halloween costume. She wanted to make a Thor costume, and while we already had a Mjolnir that would work, she needed a helmet. Started at Thingiverse, and this one (Thor Ragnarok Helmet (Wing Rotator) by Killonious - Thingiverse) actually looked like what we wanted. I ended up modding it to get rid of the rotator band (we glued the wings in one position), but it seems to have turned out pretty well:

The nice thing about the A350 is that this could print in 3 pieces. The main helmet section was around 175hrs at the standard quality settings in Luban plus supports. I probably should have upped the infill to 100% for this, but otherwise it worked out OK. Lots of support to remove, but most of it was on the inside, so the outside surfaces didn’t take quite as much sanding:

The wings actually took a little bit of fiddling to get them to print whole, since they used almost the entire build surface:

Lots of sanding on those. I ended up using wood filler on the bottom surfaces there where the support ridges were nasty. I found that this stuff filled small layer lines pretty well though, and I used this (flat nickel) for the base paint coat. Overall, probably not much cheaper than buying something at a costume store, but a fun project to build.


Very nice! Would love to see it after painting.