Temperature Concerns

I have a wood working shed with no heat or ac. This might be the only place I may be able to put the 350 to work with. Should I be concerned as far as outdoor temperatures from let’s say 30 degrees in the winter to 90 in the Summer. I live in Tennessee. I thought if I took in the house the heads, the controller and the hand screen during those times of non use it would be ok. Or is the machine tough enough to withstand. Any help would be appriciated

There was a similar question about a balcony.

I don’t think the temperature swings are a deal breaker, but it would depend on your definition of “wood shed” :slight_smile: . I’ve seen everything from a leaky lean-to to a fully insulated and air conditioned building called a wood shed. I’m assuming your’s is unheated and dry.

At the end of the day, it is an electronic device. If you’d be comfortable storing a computer or appliance there, then it should be fine without any special disassembly. There are electronics inside the linear modules; if you don’t think it’s safe to store the controller, I wouldn’t store the linear modules there either.

Assembly isn’t too bad for the occasional use. If you deem your wood shed too damp for electronics, perhaps you’d be ok disassembling the unit and storing it in the box.


Thank you for your reply… I appreciate your insight