Switch Rocker Symbol

Hello Everybody,

is it possible with the laser module to create an icon on a switch rocker like this:

Pics in Goolge Search

Has anybody already tried that?

I do not have a Snapmaker yet, so I can not test that, but it would be a decision for the Snapmaker :slight_smile:

Thank You.

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I can’t say yes or no for sure. The 200mW / 1600mW can etch on oxide layers of metal but not on metal layers. It depends on your material.

Thanks for the answer.
The material is made of clear plastic that has been painted black. Only the paint needs to be removed with the laser.

The laser should work with plastic, check out following links to see it has the material you want.

  1. https://snapmaker.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019025954-The-Definitive-Guide-to-Laser-Engraving-and-Cutting-with-the-Snapmaker
  2. SnapLinks (SnapLinks -- Wiki)
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