Surface laser engrave on acrylic

Seems to work nicely for surface etching on acrylic. I wanted to try exactly this when I got it. He beat me to it.


Hi @jpoppinmoneyunit @Rainie @Noah

Awesome, thanks for sharing the video. I have watched this guy before and he has some entertaining reviews. The main thing is it shows the capabilities of the Snapmaker and is saying what all the users are… we want to work on larger projects. However I recognise this is the first model and we need to crawl before we can walk and all the feedback from knowledgeable users and those of us who wreck things on the forum will help design and improve future models. As a first model of anything, Snapmaker is great.

Keep having fun


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It’s a long way to make great things, we will go on developing more powerful and fantastic product. A larger one is on schedule, we will try to release this year~


as I said before Understanding-How-To-Leverage-Social-Media-For-Business-Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly