Suggestion: Enclosure light control on progress screen

Leaving here a suggestion for easier UI control of the enclosure LEDs…

While a job (print, etc.) is running and screen is on the main progress view, instead of having to:
now - slide from the right, then select enclosure on the button right (half a button only due to available space), then press LED button

proposed - put the LED button on the main progress view at the top left or top right corner (above the progress circle).

This way it would be straight forward to switch on/off the LEDs while a job is running (no menu navigation at all) and without making much of a change to the UI. You can still leave the current UI method of navigating to enclosure for its controls, but just add the button to the main screen if an enclosure is being used.

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Snap Maker devs don’t read this forum, you would be better posting your feature request on Github.

As for the enclosure LED’s, I leave mine on when printing so I can check on progress frequently rather than have to turn them on to light up the hotbed. They don’t use much electric either. The other option is running the print from Luban itself then you can turn on/off the LED’s without having to use the screen on the Snap maker.

Ah ok, thanks for the heads-up on the devs.

Yeah… I tend to keep lights off unless I’m checking status due to where I have the machine. It’s just something that I personally would find useful to have. :slight_smile:

The should add the fan controls on the opposite corner while they’re at it.

I agree… they should :slight_smile: