Step down only allow .01

I am engraving expensive items and need a step down of .005 to allow slower progression. The software is only allowing me to step down a min. of .01. How can this be made a smaller amount?

Are you trying to step down .005 inch or .005 mm. Remember the software is in mm so if you are trying to go .005 inch you’d want a step down of .127 mm.

.005 mm is a really fine step down (.0002 inches). That’s about how thick a strand of spider silk is

I realize the fine step I need but it is necessary when you are engraving a $2000 watch. The .01mm minimum step down is not all that much and I need progression to reach my .02mm max. 2 passes is not enough, even .005mm would give me only 4 passes to reach my final cut which I can feel comfortable with.

Oh ok. Wasn’t sure what the application was.

The only thing I can think of would be to offset the z axis so you aren’t getting a true .01 mm step down. Not sure how you’d accomplish such a feat without expensive measuring equipment but that’s the best i got.

Sorry I couldn’t help more

Hi, as I know, it is unable to run a step-down of .005mm with this machine. You might need to think about using another design or a much more advanced machine.

Just thinking out loud here, but it might be possible to manually edit the GCode to accomplish this. It’s definitely something I would test on scrap material first. :slight_smile: