Cnc stepdown how does the program work

hi there, simple question.

stepdown is preset to 0.1 or 0.2
so if i change it to 0.5 (hardwood) or 1.0 will i get different levels in the 0.5 or 1.0 even though it is making 1 pass.

explained further : made a panda outline at 0.1 stepdown (1.0 total) - and it came out absolutely amazing with different levels (such as the leaves were green - so it wasn’t 0.0 or 1.0 but somewhere in between)…
if i (being soft wood) said stepdown was 1.0, would i get the same result? and the bit (or head) would cut shallower or deeper, depending where the software put the leaves (say the leaves were 0.4 - would it still do it).

thanks , does anyone know? using Luban, or would it do it for fusion 360?

CAM programming is not my forte, but as I understand what you’re describing, no, you would not get the same result. The result would be coarser in the level detail. I believe you would usually do that as a roughing pass, then possibly followup with a 3D contour or other pass to get fine detail.

Personally, fusion360, I wouldn’t use Luban for that.

Edit: crossed out wrong info, thanks @sdj544!

Step-down just means the maximum that it will try to cut.
It will cut in between those levels as necessary.

What I tend to do when I have a question like this is set up a simple test scenario to help me understand how it’s working and reacting. I would create a simple black to white gradient. Then I would run that multiple times while changing the settings.
This is one I created to test image2surface in Fusion 360:



thanks again @sdj544 - Man , you help me a lot getting to know my machine - thanks again

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