Starting a business?

I was inspired by Snapmaker ads to start a new business about engraving things.
But I am wondering if Snapmaker is really the best option. Especially since you need to recalibrate and change the workmat each time you switch from laser to wood carving or 3d printing.

I also wonder how easy it would be to have a changing workflow, 1 order might be engraving a knife, then the 2nd one a zippo lighter, then a wood carving for a board with a children name on it, then engraving a mug… then maybe it’s going to be 4 other knives… you get the idea.

There is not many video online about how engraving various objects except the one with the mug I watched. I don’t want to cut gift boxes like your tutorial shows so it’s not really helpful for me.

So how can I be sure that the Snapmaker 2.0 is the best machine for my intended use?


It’s a hobbyists machine. For the price it’s unbeatable as a 3 in 1 that takes up only the single footprint.
But it’s not fast enough to work for a business.
It’s great to learn on. It does everything well but nothing great.
If you have the space you’re better off getting individual machines.
Don’t get me wrong, I love mine and it’s actually paid for itself. But I wouldn’t want to rely on it to make money.
There’s also the problem of slow support and shipping times for replacement parts. It’s getting better, but can your business afford to have it down for a week or two?

Indeed. I use the snapmaker to test and produce prototypes. If i have an order i send the file to a company that prints/cuts the parts and sends it to me. Otherwise not a succesful bussinesplan

Thanks for your honest replies. I will have to look into other machines. But it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not because since I clicked on Snapmaker’s add, I get ads for so many machines from different companies

First thing is to narrow down what you want to do.
Whether that’s laser or cnc or 3d printing. has some great articles and comparisons of machines in every category. So far everything I read seems well reasoned and correct. Even though they make their money with links to the items they’re reviewing (which pretty much everyone does nowadays) they seem to be fair and honest. And they’re very transparent about that fact.


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