Starting a Business with Artisan

Hello, I have been in the retail and legal and health industries and am now needing to start my own business. About 25 years ago I worked in retail on a diamond-tip computer powered engraver and was quite good at what I did. So, I am proud of my creative skills and decided to do engraving and personalization and hope to make a go of it. I want to do a wide range of things but starting with engraving/cutting and 3-D printing. My plan is to have an online shop and people order and people can call and discuss personalizing on things they bring to have engraved. I want to do it at home and have only a little traffic there and mostly done online and via phone and mail.

I decided on adding the carving when I saw the Artisan. But I cannot find the answer to my questions and hope someone can help me. Most other laser engraver manufacturers have at least a 20W output laser if not more and when comparing a 10W to 20W or 40W it is obvious why. So, is there a higher wattage laser available? Is there an integrated air-assist? I did not see a separate air-assist accessory available. Can I engrave on the inside of a ring with the Artisan? Does the rotary unit permit engraving on globe shaped objects? What other things does the rotary unit do? I am assuming a lot given the cost v, other similar rotary units. Am I correct that I will need to purchase hot ends are they are not included, and I need to order hot ends for each size extrusion? Also, I will need to order the bits for the CNC. I did not see either listed in the “in the box” page.

Any comments, answers, advice, or suggestions are greatly appreciated and wanted as I have been out of work for 2 years because of a severe injury. I cannot work a regular 8-5 and stand on feet.

Many thanks for taking the time to read these questions. I am humbled you may take the time to help me or answer my questions to help me work again,

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For the air assist - Snapmaker Original/2.0 Owners | Facebook

But to engrave jewelry in scale - you should probably use different laser, at the very least IR like laserpecker 4 has. The rotary they have is tiling. And they advertise it for jewelry.
But a proper fiber laser would make it an easy work.

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