Snapmaker Luban window size

I am using Luban 3.5.0 on Windows10 and Ubuntu18.
So far Windows version works OK but Ubuntu works first time only.
I noticed that Windows version starts smallest windows size.
I checked if the same problem happening on Ubuntu.
And found workaround as follows,
“winBounds”: {
“x”: 0,
“y”: 0,
“width”: 0, <= change to 300
“height”: 0 <= change to 300
On Ubuntu if I made changes above, I can use Luban on Ubuntu.
Issue still remains every time I quit Luban “width, height” are back to zero,
I need to manually change again.

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On my windows 10 machine, I was able to make my changes to this file and then change it to Read-only. This way it would retain my changes and the application always opens up to the size I want.

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Thanks for reporting. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next update.

So on my Win 10 after thee first time i opened the app it only showed on the task bar, i read the forums and looked for the .JSON file to no avail so i dummied it up and used the windows properties.

What i found was by right clicking the task bar icon a drop menu appeared. I then right clicked on the Luban icon then clicked properties.

in the shortcut tab i changed the Run: from Normal Window to Maximized, hit apply closed the program and e opened with a full screen able to operate the application.

Hope this helps other not IT folk.