Cant laser engrave a photo

I am trying to laser engrave a photo onto wood. I do not want to use the preset options in Luban because I want the detail to remain in the photo, that I have edited, but everytime I upload the photo to Luban, the picture disappears and there is just an empty box. I have tried to save the gcode in LightBurn, and open it in Luban, but can’t. I am so frustrated with this software!! It makes me so pissed at this machine! I just want to be able to print my photos on wood with the laser engraver, and I cant get it to freakin work!! I have done it before, so why doesn’t it work now?!!??! what can I do to get this dang thing to work?!?!?

Some screenshots would help.

Did you try a other prefix of the photo?
Maybe try a picture which works before, does it work again? - What has changed?
Other version of Luban?

I think it was a different version that worked before, I dont have the picture that I printed before that worked… and the one now… I dont know what you want screen shots of? my empty box? the photo? I have tried everything, I have edited the photo and exported it as png jpg svg and nothing has worked.

Not even sure how I add screenshots?

Try a other version. What version do you run now?

This is the version I am using, on Mac.

maybe try v4.2.3, its in the thread i posted above.

You should be able to use gcode from Lightburn without issue, that’s what I do all the time. Generate in Lightburn > save gcode > load into Luban. I noticed the drag-and-drop of adding gcode files has broken in the latest versions (for me anyway) so I have to click the + G-code files button in Luban, then I just select the file I saved with lightburn.

Also be careful of the image type you use, I’m sure Luban can’t really understand anything more than the basic formats of BMP, JPG, GIF, and PNG. Most editing software, unless specifically exported as, will want to save in their own format, such as TIFF.

EDIT: Noticed you said you tried other image formats, my bad. Something else comes to mind, it could just be a rendering issue. Is the blank box sized appropriately for an image? What happens if you try to process the image anyway, just ignoring the fact it’s a blank square. Also, make sure you’re using the grayscale mode in Luban. (it really is aweful software though, I’ve found ways around not using it at all).