Snapmaker Luban Downloads and Updates

Sep 20, 2022: v4.4.0

Brief changelog:

New features

  • Featrue: Added material parameters and printing parameters up to 290+
    • New quick parameter setting interface
    • Enhanced parameter management interface
    • Variety of parameter display modes
    • Detailed parameter explanation
  • Feature: Added 3MF, AMF support in 3D printing/Laser/CNC editor
  • Feature: Added Model Repair and Model Simplification
  • Feature: Added Simulation Preview with volume in 3D printing editor
    • Takes more time to generate the preview
    • Simulation preview will not be displayed when insufficient memory is detected, but G-code can still be exported
  • Feature: Quick preview of some parameters before slicing
    • The preview results will be partially different from the slicing results
  • Feature: Default print configuration tied to material and nozzle diameter
  • Feature: Added workflow to publish releases to Windows Package Manager


  • Improvement: Optimized the style and interaction of 3D Canvas
    • Optimized zoom-in operation and pan operation after zoom-in operation
  • Improvement: Supported to use backup mirror of software auto-update when access of github releases is limited
  • Improvement: Optimized vector machining paths for Laser and CNC
  • Improvement: Set the Auto Connect button in the workspace tab to unchecked by default

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Fixed incorrect parsing of SVG with nested text elements
  • Fix: Fixed the possible wrong position of using the up and down key shortcuts for objects with rotation in Laser/CNC editor
  • Fix: Change the timing of the completion of printing is defined as completion rather than the last G-code sent
  • Fix: Fixed extrusionDirection attribute of DXF not being parsed
  • Fix: Fixed incorrect parsing of SVG float numbers
  • Fix: Fixed the problem that when has moved after paused, printing was not resumed from the position before the move in Laser and CNC
  • Etc…

Known issue

Detailed UI changes and new features can be found on our Blog: What’s new in Snapmaker Luban v4.4.0 - Snapmaker Blog

Download links

Snapmaker Luban for macOS

Snapmaker Luban for Windows 64-bit

For Linux versions and Windows 32-bit versions, please refer to our Github releases page to download.


For the full user manual for Snapmaker Luban 4.0 and later, please checkout Snapmaker Luban 4.0 User Manual .
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