Snapmaker 40W Laser Module Review, Settings and Air Purifier

Here is my 40W laser module review and setup with Air Purifier.
I managed to laser-cut 20mm wood with only one pass and shared some setting tips. The laser job speed is impressive. The clean cut of the Heart-Shaped Box took only 24 minutes on default Luban settings. More images in the review …


I have the same setup as you and have a few S2 40W A350 questions:
When I did the ruler test (with 40w), I got a lot of smoke burn on the bottom of the wood, any way to eliminate that?

I wanted to run the job from Luban (using WiFi), so I could tell the system how much power to use for the air filter, but it only went to the device. Is that the only to use the 40w laser now?
Do I have to run Luban with a USB cable to get control?

I was looking around YouTube and the forum to find a video with the best way to calibrate small wood pieces, did you make one? The reason I ask is without the camera it becomes time-consuming to line up a piece to cut. ( Adjusting the laser height for the 3-axis 20W/40W laser machining on Snapmaker 2.0 | Snapmaker Wiki )

The 40w laser is wonderful so far, it took 4min to cut out and engrave the ruler set. Next, I will try HomeDepot’s 11mm G1S Poplar HP wood.

Back side. Thank you for pointing it out. Yes, I also had, I would say, smoke residue rather than burns on the objects I cut with one pass. The objects I cut with two or three passes had burns on the edges.

WiFi. It is possible to transfer the files via Wi-Fi, but I couldn’t start the job remotely via Luban. I think it is done for safety precautions. This powerful laser cannot be left unattended . If there are changes, I will update this note accordingly.

No Focus Camera. I also found it a helpful feature when I applied small engravings on custom objects with my 10W laser. Here are the camera features and the result in the 10W review article.

I applied 2 coats of wipe-on polyurethane to the bottom surface before cutting and the soot residue wiped off easily using a paper towel and alcohol.

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Here was a wiki update about working settings for the 20/40W laser:

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Use a Honeycomb bed.
As an update, I ordered the Creality Honeycomb Working Table Set 320x320mm for my S2 A350 40w.
I taped it on top of the bed and did a test cut. There were no smoke marks on the bottom of the wood.
I could not find a 320x350 honeycomb for Snapmaker.
It look like alot of smoke from the bed but nothing sofar on the wood I was cutting. I just need flat metal clamps now to slip on from the side to take off quickly for chips.

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