Snapmaker 3DCNC-Models

Good morning everyone

I saw on the Snapmaker website, that the community made some great things with the Snapmaker.

Where I can find those CNC models?
I konw, that the 3d printing models are on thingverse.
The laser engerave models I don’t need.
So I just need the CNC models, because some of them looks great.

Thanks for helping.

Hi, the CNC editor on Snapmaker Luban software supports the following file types:
*.svg, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.dxf, *.stl

Usually, you can start the CNC work with the files in the above type.

If you want to use the CNC carving and do not have a file, you may check on the following link: You can find the files by searching ‘CNC carving’.