Snapmaker 2 Ignoring New E-step value

I’ve attempted to adjust the esteps on my snapmaker 2 a250. I calculated a new estep (was 212.21 now 243.92), issue the M92 E243.92 and M500 commands (also tried M501), but re-sending G1 E100 F100 command to get 100mm to flow, the erroneous amount (87mm) of filament still came through. Checking M503 I do however see the right estep amount.

others < M92 X400.00 Y400.00 Z400.00 E243.92

Its like the snapmaker is ignoring the new value.

I posted a similar thread on facebook group.

Hey, I think you made it via wifi? You have to be connected with USB.
Hope this helps!

@xchrisd Nope. Adjusted via USB in Luban.

If you putted it in like this: M92 E200.99
I have no idea. You have made a dot no comma?
You are on the right port?
Have you tried a other terminal?

@xchrisd, why a comma? In Marlin it should be a . to represent a decimal.

. Is fine, just wanted to figure out with you