Snapmaker 2 filament materials

New to the world of 3D printing but having a great time learning on my A350. I have printed a number of objects from Thingiverse and am looking at a project that uses multiple colors. While I found that I can buy standard PLA colors like red, yellow and white I have a project that calls out cool grey and warm gray. I found reels of this color for Makerbot but the reel hubs won’t fit Sanpmaker 2. Any suggestions from the more experienced folks here?

if you want to use that filament, then you can always print a different spool holder, search thingiverse for “spool holder” and you will find A LOT of options. alternatively you could try to find the colors you want from a different company that has spools that fit the A350, i usually use amazon to source my filament, anything with good reviews tends to be good enough for most prints.

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