Snapmaker 2.0 Shutdown and USB Removal

Just my opinion, but the Snapmaker 2.0 (ex: my A350) really needs a shutdown option from the touchscreen. Shutting it down by the power switch just seems very odd and “overkill” as you can hear various areas just shut off (power disconnecting from motors for example). It also does not appear to cleanly shutdown the touchscreen itself (as evidenced by the USB problem I am going to mention below). Even if this shutdown only affects the touchscreen and cannot do anything for the controller (let alone the power supply) I think this would be a benefit.

On to the USB… Every time I power it off and bring the USB drive to my computer to add gcode files to it, Windows identifies the USB drive as needing repair. So obviously the USB driver is not properly unmounting the USB drive or leaving it in a ready-to-unmount state when it is no longer being accessed. This is NOT a good thing as it causes errors at Windows (and other OSes) that inexperienced users might be worried about, and it could eventually cause degradation of the drive. Having an unmount/eject/remove drive option at the touchscreen could help alleviate this without powering off the Snapmaker (although that only helps in those cases and a clean power down would still be useful).


I am waiting for a replacement controller due to an issue using the power switch to shut off machine. Support has been awesome and friendly about it. I had to shutdown due to auto level issue to prevent crash of module vs bed. Once it turned off, it didn’t turn back on. It doesn’t feel right killing power via a manual switch without controller/system being ready when not absolutely needed to do so. My other Prusia printer stays on 24/7, doesn’t have option for software shutdown, but it’s silent when not in use, and not a noise issue. The loud power supply fan on Snapmaker makes the user want/need to power machine off when not in use. There is power recovery option is listed in spec sheet, so product design may have intended/planned on power being cut without software, but a software option would be nice. Ensure steppers are disabled, heaters off, ect… USB dismount option would also be nice.

Thanks for you advice.

We will add unmount option for USB drives.
As for situations of cutting down power supply, there is no chance for Touchscreen to unmount USB drive.

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