Looking for settings suggestions for laser cutting Mylar sheets

Anyone suggestions for the right settings for laser cutting 0.3 mm Mylar sheets (transparent)? (Snapmaker A250)

These settings resulted in hardly noticable scratches on the sheets, so it didn’t do much.

The 450nm diode operates in the blue part of the visible spectrum. It won’t cut something transparent well at all.

You could try putting sharpie or something on it to make it not transparent

My go-to for using the laser on transparent material is spray chalk - the stuff they use on fields to mark soccer goals with, and the like.

I have not cut mylar but I have made deeper etchings than 0.3mm in ploycarb. Used low power (5-20%) and made multiple passes.

Thanks for your informative answer. Looks like I better look for non transparent mylar (hard to find, so will look for an alternative).

Thanks for the settings and the polycarb suggestion.

Just an update. I tried a semitransparent/frosted Mylar-like material with orange color in it. Works like a charm (PET-foil 0.3 mm).
Toolpath settings: Work speed 200 mm/min, 1 pass, 60% laser power.

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