SM2 Extruder and Hotend Mod


Just like to share my extruder and hotend mod for my F250. Started out doing the 5015 fan mod but some how it turned into this. Always had cooling issues with the stock setup. Just started testing, but so far so good. Prints definitely coming out better.

I tried out the beta 2.0 firmware and ran the gcode they post for the 32 minute benchy. Came out pretty good.

LDO Orbiter V2 extruder
Satsana dual 4010 fan duct
Ender hotend


Please more… You just used a sock board?



Nice cover :slight_smile:
What hotend is that?

Lying quietly in my warehouse

yongqilai!dayinxiaoguo henhao!

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Is this a dragon hot end? - closest I could find.
It looks similar to Voron pri ters extruder setup.
How did you do it?

Modeling and assembling by oneself, using the original motherboard is sufficient. By adding NTC series and parallel resistors, the working temperature can exceed the rated working temperature of Snapmaker. The fan is a purchased MACBOOK PRO Computer fan, which is controlled by the original pwm signal.


Sounds similar to this mod - The (mostly) Complete Guide to Bondtech, Slice, and the Snapmaker 2.0

It’s a Slice Engineering knock-off, and violates their patent. I would expect it to get pulled once the attorneys get involved.

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Maybe it is. They said they were just outsourcing processing

They would have to close AliExpress/ Alibaba :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard of any updates, how are you guys doing with the mod?