Simple bed level test

Just posted on Thingiverse my version of a bed level test specifically designed to suit a Snapmaker V1’s bed.

A couple of recommended settings;

  1. 0.4 nozzle
  2. 0.3 initial layer height
  3. Concentric bottom pattern (Cura)
  4. No skirts, brims of rafts

This should give a single layer print with a single line border and 20 lines within the pattern to ascertain if the bed is level and flat.


I will also mention that I battled for a long time getting a good even initial layer.
I eventually determined the aluminium bed, although levelled, was not flat.
I now print on a glass plate glued to the aluminium bed with excellent results.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got some unevenness too, but it’s tiny. I printed a 0.05mm single layer tests, and still had some slight problems. The edges print well, but there’s a thin spot near the front-right corner. It’s thinner, but I’m able to print a single complete 0.05mm thick layer. Since the calibration adjustment is only 0.05mm, I think I’ve done all I can.

I’ve used a straightedge and flashlight to see if I could find any unevenness, but the surface texture of the bed makes it difficult to test. I’ll redo the test if I ever peel the sticker off. I don’t have the machining tools to measure to a thousandths of an inch though. 0.05mm is 0.002", so we’re talking about fairly fine machining tolerances.

I like your test better than a solid layer though. The solid layer takes a while to print, and I don’t think it adds anything. At least, your test will cover all of the spots I know about on my bed.

I definitely recommend printing something like this after doing a paper calibration. I have a much better print now, for the cost of a few print-and-adjust cycles.

Thankyou for the bed test. I completed mine but there are this bumps all over the fill areas. Anyone know how to fix this?

the initial infill layer setting is either two low or extruding to much.