Significant Nozzle Build Up

I have started to have pretty significant build up of filament on nozzle. On a 4 hour print, it will accumulate and drop 5 or 6 big blobs. Have not lost any prints so far, but is often very unsightly. Of course, I have run through all factory calibrations over again. Always used Cura as a slicer, I have yet to try luban, but maybe that’s next.

  • Re done factory calibrations
  • Using ABS
  • Have adjusted z hop, no difference.
  • Tried speeds between 60mm/s and 150mm/s, also, not much difference

Any tips would be appreciated.

Edit: paused a print and took this photo. Lots of junk on the nozzle. When this accumulation gets big enough, it will get dragged off onto my model

Hear any popping as those “blobs” come out?

No popping, it looks like blobs accumulate on the nozzle I think due to the nozzle slightly dragging over the printed model while printing, and when they get big enough, they fall off. I thought Z hop was the solution…

Added a picture to my original post

You check the esteps for the filament K value or just running stock settings?

Wondering if its a filament manufacturing issue or increase of friction inside the nozzle because the coating is failing

Stock settings. I will check…Now that you mention it, I think we started seeing this when we switched over to black abs. We had been using other color abs and never noted this issue before.