Setting to Cut Foam-Core Poster board? 1600mw laser

Has anybody used the 1600mw laser to cut foam-core poster board? Brand new to this and not even sure how to experiment …

If you search for “cut foam” there will be many hits.
Have a look at this for safety:

Thank you; I’ve done multiple searches and none of them answer the actual question: what settings? X passes at Y mm/min, Z% power. I understand concerns about fumes and have good ventilation…

Laser work is a lot of trail and error.

I would start with 100% power and 100mm/min with the 1.6W Laser.
A bit equivalent to the 40W, 45% at 900mm/min:

Unfortunately you did not share the product but you have to try it yourself anyway.

I suggest to use a laser filter to get rid of harmful things.

Thanks, I’ll just grab a scrap and play around. It’s not foam, it’s foam-core poster board–heavy paper, foam, then another sheet of heavy paper.

Just thought I’d report back–no joy. I varied the speeds and #passes (up to 15). All it did was cut through the cardstock surface and then about 1/16" into the foam regardless of settings.

Did you try a stepdown depth?

So I did some quick tests on my machine with the 1.6w laser. I used 5.4mm (.21in) thick foamboard with black cardstock on the top and bottom. I had zero issues with cutting.

Below are some photos of my tests. I tested at 75mm per minute at 100% power and two passes as well as 120mm per minute at 60% power and one pass. Both settings cut all the way through, in fact 100% power with two passes was complete overkill. The test with 60% power at one pass running at 120mm per minute gave cleaner results as the foam melted less.

100% power 2 passes (left), 60% power 1 pass (right)

As to why you’re having issues I can’t be sure. The white cardstock on your foamboard shouldn’t be a problem as a I regularly cut through white photo paper and cardstock on my machine. Assuming nothing is wrong with your laser and firmware is up to date, the only thing that comes to mind is that the 1.6w laser doesn’t do particularly well with your specific foamboard type but is fine with others. Try to use another brand of foamboard and see if it helps.