Selling my Snapmaker 2.0 A250

I am selling my Snapmaker 2.0 A250 3D Printer, Laser Engraver, CNC Machine for $1000+shipping. I originally purchased it new at the end of October 2021 for $1350. I have only used the 3D printing capability. The laser and CNC modules and equipment are brand new and have never been used.

I am selling this because I never use the laser or CNC capabilities and upgraded to a Snapmaker printer only with a larger 3D print bed.

This machine works perfectly and I never had any issues. It calibrates and levels automatically. The touch screen shows print progress and how much the print has completed and has left. I have no complaints about this at all other than I wanted a larger printing surface. The bed is 230mmx235mm.

Shipping from? 20chars are needed

Shipping from Knoxville, TN.