Running in WEB space

I just noticed that you can run Luban in a browser! Under the “View” menu, “View in Browser”! SnapmakerJS also. It apparently uses the App as a server. You can run two different jobs, it doesn’t just display what is loaded in the App.
Anybody use this feature?


I have been connecting to snapmakerjs 2.5.2 via web-browser from a different PC.

I noticed that you can change the default IP and port by adding the following command line parameters -H -p when you start snapmaker ( e.g. Snapmakerjs.exe -H -p 55555)
I have tried to the same with 2.6 and 2.7 but it seems that that feature has been removed. Also not working for Snapmaker Luban.

Would be nice if this feature could be reintroduced

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I would VERY MUCH appreciate the feature of being able to run Luban on my desktop, then using my chromebook to actually control the software.

My desktop is located upstairs and has most of my designs, software, etc. I have a light chromebook that I use just as a more portable device for browser usage. It would be wonderful to be able to run the Luban software on the desktop and connect to it from my chromebook to start/stop progress etc since my snapmaker itself will be located in another area of the house. (Pre-ordered but won’t receive for a couple months. Just downloaded the software to get familiar with it.)

@gjo Yes this feature needs re-introduced.