Run Boundary on lightburn generated gcode twice as large

I’m working on learning black tile laser etching with lightburn. I’m saving gcode to SD card (computer is in separate room so can’t direct attach).

When I do Run Boundary before the job it runs a square about 2x the actual image. However the work output is as expected, lined up with the grid line markers shown in lightburn.

What’s going on with this? I’d really like to have an accurate work boundary to make sure things are lined up as good as possible.

In light burn I only have the single layer image import and the image itself is NOT extra large with a lot of empty whitespace that would explain this.

I get similar weird behaviour when running code generated by lightburn. When I choose to run boundary, the size of the bounded area is approximately correct but its offset 30-40mm in the positive X direction

Lightburn generates G91 relative moves, run boundary assumes G90 - hence, does not work as expected.