Rotary CNC: bit assistant?

Hey guys,

I’m testing my rotary module and I’m interested in trying multiple tool paths with luban. It appears there is a way to do it inside luban; just select the model and add multiple tool paths. However, the bit assistant guidance says I should make two gcode files.

What’s the answer?

Thanks guys,

The SM doesn’t support tool changes within a single g-code.
So you have to make two.

Any idea how I can use a larger bit to remove the majority of the material and then the carving bit to ‘fine tune’ the model? I figured it would be easier than this.

I thought a bit about this and came to the conclusion, it is as easy like creating two gcodes.
Well, let me explain, maybe this is only working on the example model or example material.

If you carve the example model Luban uses a step down of 17.5mm, this also is the object radius.
I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing this the first time, it was so loud too.

If you create a gcode for a big carver with higher speeds and then a gcode for the provided new bit with half diameter step down (can’t remember the correct name right now) you may be able to save some time.

I haven’t tried the work flow of the bit assistant yet, I guess if this doesn’t work correctly it would be good to know a absolute position of the end of the two bits.
Like, jog to a position outside of the model (because the model will be less material after the first gcode) and get sure you could get the correct positioning for the second bit.

I hope you could understand what I mean :wink::thinking:

I’m following. I guess what I’d love is some option to put a ‘barrier’ around whatever I’m cutting out. Allow the bigger but to do it’s thing, then have the smaller bit remove the rest in detail.

I feel like that shouldn’t be a huge ask from a software standpoint.