Revo Support on J1

Will there be support or some way to install the E3D Revo Nozzle system on the J1? Would be a very cool feature to have.

J1 only supports MK7/MK8 nozzles.

My name Oscar, could you please help,? I habe not received my tracking number or delivery yet.
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does the printer recognize different hotends for nozzle sizes? if so, am i able to overwrite that if i change the nozzle size on my printer?

Hi A61corde, you can check the following links for more delivery info.

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That would be dependent on E3D. They hold the patent on the Revo nozzle system and protect it vigorously. E3D would need to engineer a REVO specific hot end for the J1 which I just can’t see them doing right now do to the relatively small user base (as compared to the Creality or Prusa audience).

Instead consider something like the Bondtech CHT nozzles, which are available in MK8 sizes. Hardened versions of the Bondtech CHT nozzles are also available (however, these are on a one month backorder).