Replacement bolts?

Wondering if anyone has a source for replacement bolts for the Snapmaker 2? I have found a few useful tools like the Quick changer but the tolerances for the bolts require bolts that are the same dimensions as the ones included with the Snapmaker (M4x10), but all of the ones I have in my collection have heads that are 1-2mm taller than the heads in the included screws.

I’m going to try a local machinists shop next week once the local lockdown rules are relaxed, but if anyone can point me to an online store that delivers to the EU that would be great.

Your magic search term is “wafer head”. The term appeared here months ago; you can search for it to read more.

At first it boggled my mind that something that was supposed to a lightweight machine tool would skimp on the strength of bolt heads for what was essentially aesthetic considerations, but then I learned that it was par for the course.

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I have ordered some replacement bolts from Conrad before.
They have a rather large selection of them. Not necessarily the cheapest, but they deliver in most of Europe I think.

They also have the flat head versions (like for the heated bed). The size of the allan head (inside) might be different than the ones from delivered by SM, but the outer dimensions are the same I think.

@brvdboss Good call - I’d forgotten about them and their selection is pretty impressive.