How can I change from 12,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm on the cnc?

Hi, I’m Andrew.
I’m starting with the snapmaker cnc and as much as I search I can’t find a way to lower the rpm of the cnc, I’ve read that it can be lowered from 12,000 to 6,000 rpm.
Can someone help me and tell me how to do it?

In the beginning of your gcode, you should see a line that says, “M3 P100” That line sets your spindle speed. 12k is 100% speed. To set it to 6k, change P100 to P50.

Hello Snapmaker friends,
I took the trouble to measure the speed of the milling motor this morning. On the left in the table the percentage values that you can enter via the console.
The following input must be made “M3 P…” and of course behind P the value.
On the right the revs I measured with the tachometer!
The touchpanel can only be used from a value of 50%, which corresponds to a little over 6000 rpm.

Unfortunately, you can not set the speed from Luban herraus, which would be possibly something for an update in the settings of the cutter and so on that you could also set the speed there if only in percent but better than not at all!

P.S. The milling motor turns so with me with speeds from 560 rpm to 12350 rpm


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nouveau dans le monde de la CNC je réussi des “”“oeuvres”“” de pas trop mauvaise qualité mais c’est très long. Ma vitesse de broche est à 300 mm/mn ma question est de savoir à combien je peux augmenter cette vitesse sans craindre d’abimer quoi que ce soit.
Merci par avance de vos réponses