Reconfiguring the Snapmaker 1.0?

Is there any documentation available on how to change the configuration to an H type setup? I’d like to be able to set it up to laser engrave wood stocks for rifles. They are long and narrow and need to be secured in one place, so using the standard configuration is not that usable. Thanks…

Are you referring to the v1 Double Z? If so, I don’t see the kit available on the store anymore.

Even so, the stock will still need to be secured to the bed, otherwise it will be limited to engraving in one dimension. You might consider making a jig that would let you mount the stock to the bed better. Something that would cradle the stock, and give you mount points that could secure the piece. If you 3D print something that’s rotated 45º around the Z axis, the max length is around 170mm, which should be enough to go over/around the print bed. I’m thinking something that clips to the left and right side of the print bed, you set the stock in it, then use the normal engraving clamps to secure the stock to the mounts (which also prevents the mounts from slipping off the bed.)

I really just need to set it up for laser engraving on a larger surface, like the simpler laser machine that was one of the many configurations advertised when this Snapmaker 1.0 first launched.

I can probably find the parts needed to change the configuration, but I don’t know how to setup the software so it recognizes the configuration of the machine has changed.