Ray and Lightburn - Activate and deactivate enclosure - how to stop enclosure fan

I have recently received my Ray and put it into operation.
You can activate and deactivate the enclosure in Lightburn. Unfortunately, there is no documentation on exactly what this means.
It seems that when the enclosure is activated, the enclosure fan starts working when cutting or engraving. Unfortunately, the fan continues to run indefinitely after the end of the laser process and cannot be stopped.
How and with which function can I stop the enclosure fan in Lightburn?

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Maybe here?

If this is not what you search for, generate a code in Luban and analyse the generated code.

Unfortunately no. The article doesn’t help me.

I have also tried my luck on https://snapmaker.github.io/Documentation/gcode/G000-G001. Unfortunately without success.

Creating a code in Luban and trying to analyze it is kind of like shooting a shotgun into the woods and hoping a deer falls down inside.

Shouldn’t there be a documentation of the supported GCodes for Ray and Enclosure?

@urmel1960 @xchrisd You can turn the enclosure fan off using the code “M2000 W2 P0”. Let me know if it’s helpful.

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@Jade Thank you for pointing out that “M2000 W2 P0” should switch off the enclosure fan.

I had therefore assumed that “M2000 W2 P1” would then logically switch on the enclosure fan. But it does not. Am I wrong?

What exactly do the macros “Enable Enclosure” and “Disable Enclosure” (“M2000 W5 P0 Q0” and “M2000 W5 P1 Q0”) do?

In the meantime, I have carried out further tests:

  • I start the laser using LightBurn
  • the enclosur fan also starts immediately
  • I stop the laser again immediately
  • the enclosure fan can be switched off with “M2000 W2 P0”
  • the controller fan, on the other hand, continues to run at full speed and does not stop although the laser has been stopped

Unfortunately, the whole thing is very unsatisfactory and ultimately always results in the laser having to be switched off completely in order to be able to work accordingly.

It would be really great to get the correct control codes or if you could access the corresponding detailed and comprehensive documentation of the GCodes for Ray. Surely this should be available somewhere … ???

To activate the enclosure fan, use the code “M2000 W2 P100".

Explanation of two additional codes:

  • M2000 W5 P1 Q0: Enable Enclosure - Enables enclosure door detection in laser mode. Ensures enclosure door closure during laser work. Ray will pause the laser work if the enclosure door is open.

  • M2000 W5 P1 Q1: Disable Enclosure - Disables enclosure door detection in laser mode. It allows enclosure door being open during laser work. Opening enclosure door during operation won’t pause current operation.

@Jade Great - thanks a lot !

The P value therefore controls the fan speed (P100 = full speed, P0= off).

If you can solve the mystery of the controller fan running at full speed, my day will be saved …


Is there not a cooling down period? I think that’s how it works on the 10W.

As I had already written, the laser was stopped again immediately after start. After around 3 seconds, no cooling should actually be necessary. However, the controller fan continues to run continuously.