Public Roadmap a Deadend?

i agree, i noticed long ago (before i ever unpacked my machine) that A250 didn’t comment often (though i have no idea what the ratio of sales is) but even on non snapmaker machines i have seen posts that imply that as beds get larger they seem to magnify issues… wonder if snapmaker would comp me the new rails to replace the current ones - yeah probably not, i am sure they have plenty of the v1 rails :slight_smile:

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It never hurts to ask lol. I do know they’re going to give a 50% discount code to all current owners next week who want to upgrade to the new linear rail modules. A 10w laser module is coming out next month and a dual 3D printer extruder module early next year.

On the one hand, it looks like the SM team is delivering a lot of the updates and add ons that were promised in the road map but it also looks like they’ve taken everything off of it so now, it truly provides no information whatsoever. Why bother still having the link pinned to the main forum page?