Public Roadmap a Deadend?

Looks like the public roadmap hasn’t been touched in five months… While it looks like some of the projected targets for summer 2021 have been hit (air purifier), some appear to be in perpetual limbo (linear module improvement, dual extruder, and power supply noise optimization). Frankly, I’ve been waiting to buy the Snapmaker 2.0 until they at least got the linear module and power supply noise issues resolved. I check back every month and see… no progress. Is this an indicator of how the company operates? If so, it doesn’t inspire confidence.


Last post from any staff is weeks ago: Complete radio silence.

Communication could be a lot better.

The roadmap used to be updated, then it wasn’t, then it was again after users reminded them to, and it looks like finally it’s abandoned again.

They’re engineering new things for it. I think you guys expect too much from them.

Enjoy what you got.

i don’t think communication is to much to ask for, seriously it takes to seconds to login and update the progress or even just say no updates at this time…

communication is the one thing lacking in this world, but yet it’s so simple to communicate… Yeah i get it, people don’t like to hear no it’s not ready yet but id much prefer that then nothing. at least you know something is happening.


I had some communication with support about 5 days ago. They said they hoped to be able to ship new linear modules by the end of this year.
Btw I sent a request 7 days ago about some parts and it is due for delivery tomorrow in Norway. Great support experience!

I guess this is the issue about 3d printing in general - our hobby involves a combination of relatively immature technologies, and it is hard to give a good time estimate for actual R&D.

Dual extruder was very recently pushed out to next year, I guess at least partly also because Luban needs to re-implement quite a few Cura engine components needed for meaningful dual head oriented slicing.

For the stronger laser, as staff keeps pointing out, there are a lot of legal hurdles as to what safety measures need to be in place for this to be able to hit the european and american markets the product targets. Potentially a way ou of this could be that snapmaker releases only a laser housing and controller along with a list of compatible diode assemblies, but customer would need to source these from third party vendors to avoid SN’s liability.

The machine is a very idea that flourished into reality. I dont fear the road map stalled on the 2.0 for good but I feel Snapmaker definitely has “Big Tech” mentality with this company. My biggest fear is the 2.0 sees a few more upgrades before an entirety new machine rolls out. The A500 series. It’s my belief they are focusing a majority of the resources to design and implement sought after 2.0 upgrades for the next model. I hope I’m wrong but folks wanted to see the OG snapmaker continue but that was scrubbed for the 2.0. Well be buying new machine just for the upgraded module.

Everyones roadmap has been slowed the last two years, their support is relatively snappy, but communications costs time and energy which sometimes is of greater effect elsewhere. We all love the ideas, remember that most, and bear with on the communication, leave them an email and await some reply, if it’s complex try again in 30days to see if the situation changed, if it’s not and it’s crazy important someone’s usually watching their twitter for cool projects so maybe try showing them the problem that way.

The modular system of 2.0 looks like it may change to another 5-series but with 99% compatibility, and the firmware/software being opensource means we can help take up the slack as far as backporting things / improving it. The compatibility of the tool-heads is the main advantage of snapmaker IMHO.

I’m expecting delivery of an original snapmaker as part of the anniversary giveaway (for family) but I have the 2.0 A350 and it’s wonderful. Would love some more serious CNC however I accept it’s never going to be as rigid as some cheaper CNC machines. Cutting metal is my real dream, but too scared to try for now, all sorts of entertaining problems to solve there (seen someone engrave aluminium on twitter). I only just got the 2.0 because of seeing the rotary tool released, then the anniversary sale (and checked ebay), but can’t justify that £600 module yet :grin:

They’re talking about the fact that it hasn’t been updated to show where they’re at on things since April. We are all aware that things are slowed because of the virus, but updating the roadmap just so we can see progress really isn’t asking much. I’m rather disappointed with what has happened to the forum since Edwin left, him being very active on this forum was severely under appreciated and the rest of the Snapmaker team has neglected to realize this and the forum is pretty much going unmoderated now, it’s sad and disappointing.