Problems with luban

Hello, I have a Snapmaker 2.0 A250.
For now, I am getting to know it because I am a beginner.
I have some comments about the Luban program.
Namely, it often breaks the wifi connection.
Sometimes it shows how the device is working, and sometimes not.
Does not always show the end time of work.
I have a MacOs system. Maybe it’s his fault?
I would like you to expand the Luban program in subsequent updates because it has the potential to work.

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Update Snapmaker Luban and Snapmaker Firmware before you use the machine.

Snapmaker Luban v3.14.0 version
Mar 31 2021: Snapmaker2_V1.12.0

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Some cases were reported that the machine cannot connect to Wi-Fi automatically after you reboot the machine.

Our software team has developed a beta version to improve the wifi connection.

Users who want to try this version, please send me some feedback.

Download link:


I cannot connect to the machine since I updated Luban