Printing with 0.8 and 1.0 Nozzle

Hey guys!
I could need some of your knowledge.

I am trying to print some vases with a 1,0mm Nozzle. In summary I got two problems and don’t know anymore how to fix them.

First of all my setup:
SM 2.0
Cura Slicer 5.1.1
Redline Filament PLA
Bed Temp 50C
Nozzle Temp 220C
Testpart: Cube 30x30mm
Vasemode enabled

Problem #1
In the bottom layers I got very often holes. material is missing. The problem is the flow of the material. It takes to much time to leave the nozzle while starting. So I got the first 2-3mm without material. I got the same problems with the skirt and the walls after the bottom layers are done. I could increase the result while changing the printing speed. After ich reached 10mm/s I accepted the failure and switched to a 0,8mm nozzle. The result are a lot better than before, but the problems are the same.
Attached you can find a picture:

Problem #2
If you have a sideview to the vase you can see that the bottom layers are not smooth to the rest of the vase.
Attached the picture:

This is the list of things I have already done to increase the quality of my prints with the 0,8mm Nozzle:
-increase flow rate
-Increase Nozzle Temp up to 240C
-enable „print thin walls“
-disabled retraction
-disabled smoothing of outer surface
-disabled Z-Hop
-decreased Line width from 0,8 to 0,6
-minimum line width from 0,68 to 0,5
-decrease first layer height
-decreased velocity to 10mm/s

Maybe the solution for my first problem could be the all metal hot end…? What do you think guys?
But for second problem… I absolutely don’t know what could solve this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You should do some calibration with the large nozzle. CNCKitchen and TechingTech have tools to find the maximum flow rate of a hot end, I would recommend trying both as they use different methods. I would also recommend specifically calibrating the linear advance and maybe the slicer flow rate, TeachingTech also has tools for doing these.

I have experience with a 0.8mm nozzle using a 0.8mm line width, 0.4mm layer height, 0.6mm first layer height, and 40mm/s print speed; so what you are trying to achieve is definitely possible. Try the calibration I mentioned above, watching the problematic layers to see if there’s something obvious causing the issue, trying a print with a raft to see if it solves any of the problems (for diagnosing, not fixing), and if you are using a concentric bottom pattern first layer then try one of the other options as it can sometimes have issues where the layer converges in the center.

TeachingTech Calibration Tools:
Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration (

CNCKitchen Max Flow Rate:
Hotend Flow Test Gcode Generator (

Thanks a lot my friend! I am going to study all the things you shared! I will give a feedback with results.


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Thanks for all the information.

The last two days I spent my time to check everything.
I started with the calibration of the K Factor for an 0,4mm Nozzle.
It was a very good hint, and I was able to adjust it without problems.

After that I tried to find the right K Factor for a 0.8mm Nozzle.
Attached you can find my results.
I everytime have problmes with the first few millimeter. I am pretty sure, that the extruder should be able to print very easy arround 14mm³/s.
For my test I need max 8mm³/s.

I even used a new 0,8mm Nozzle. I am very confused, because I got this issues even without using Cura. For the K Factor I used the g code genarator. Thats the reason why I am thinking it dosn’t depends on my slicer settings.

Do any of you have new ideas? On the next step I would ask the support, but I am not pretty sure if they can give me any advice for an 0.8mm Nozzle.