Pricing Black Friday

Look at this! €199,- and comparing pictures they are for the A350.

If you click through, that’s the price for the A150.

I did try to combine it with the 50% off coupon I got as a pre-order customer, but it says it doesn’t work anymore. Probably can’t be combined or there is something wrong with my coupon code. Can someone else try?

This code: BFAFF5 does work. (an additional 5% off)

5 rails for an A150?

it’s the same picture for all devices.
Just try to purchase it and you’ll see you need to select the correct model.

Yeah that was some Aliexpress-level bait and switch. Thumbnail shows the expensive option, but price is for a cheaper option.

Also the wheel coupons are deceptive. I was not able to use the 20% for enclosure, the “unlimited” Codes are limited (Not usable on bundles) and free Materials are limited to 35€, but the free Material works for bundles also with 35€. :man_shrugging:t3: